Guidelines for Submission

Information and Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  • We accept abstracts from all disciplines with the emphasis on research applications.
  • The abstract must be novel and original of your own work.
  • If you agree for SACC-TSAC 2019 to publish and publicly distribute your work, the abstract must not be published anywhere before or in the process of reviewing, waiting to publish elsewhere.
  • The abstract must meet international ethical standard and must be free from plagiarism. SACC-TSAC 2019 disclaims any responsibility of plagiarism conducted by authors.
  • Please fill out the abstract details form and submit your abstract to The abstract must be submitted in word document (.doc or .docx) with the file name as Abstract_Lastname_Firstname (EN/TH) (of the presenting author). The submission deadline is 28 December, 2018. The accepted author will be informed by email when the abstract is accepted.


Please note that the first author of the abstract must be present during the conference.

  • The abstract must be submitted in 2 languages (English and Thai) in separate files. The maximum length of an abstract is 300 words, and should not contain text boxes, comments or revision notes, images and equations. The format of the abstract can be downloaded here.
  • An additional “take home message” is requested to be submitted with the abstract for an additional length of 50 words within the same document for both languages. The message must clearly explains how your research has real world applications by fulfilling one or more of these criteria: environmentally friendly, cost-saving, social impact, and/or business applications.


Please kindly keep in mind that the audience of SACC-TSAC 2019 conference are from many different fields of expertise. Therefore, it is important to send out a “take home message” that everyone can easily understand and benefit from. The take home message will convey the essence of your research and its implication.

  • Reviewers will anonymously review all submitted abstracts. After the review, the committee will allocate the accepted abstracts to either oral or poster presentations. The most outstanding abstracts will be given the honour to present as an oral presentation. Authors giving oral presentations from each field will be further judged on the day and compete to win a £300 first winner prize and £200 for second runner-up within their respective fields. Confirmation on the type of presentation (oral or poster) will be announced by the end of January, 2019.


Please note that whether or not you have been allocated for a presentation, submitting your abstract to SACC-TSAC 2019 will require you to attend the full conference.


Click here to see our Selection Criteria.